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Details about our competition, including schedules and problems, may be viewed below.

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Schedule for COSCON.

COSCON will be held on March 25th, 2023. The location of all COSCON events is McDonnell A02. All times below are in EST.


The problems will be released at 12:30PM EST. You will have 6 hours to work on this problem.
In terms of contest rules, please check out the list of contest rules in detail here. The high level summary is that with the only restriction being that you cannot consult anyone outside of your team live (either in person or online). Besides this restriction, feel free to use any online/offline resources to your benefit.
The competition problems will be released here:

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COSCON is an annual computer science competition held at Princeton University by the Princeton ACM student chapter. The organizers and problem writers this year are: Our faculty sponsor is Pedro Paredes.

COSCON Sponsors

Many thanks to the amazing COSCON sponsors (listed below) to make COSCON happen!